March 10, 2009 - Don't Let It
Be True
released to bookstores.

March 10, 2009 - New website

March 16, 2009 - Book Signing

Jo Barrett on the Red Carpet

Interview with Whitney Casey on "Great Day Houston"

Excerpt of Houston Chronicle article about high maintenance by Whitney Casey: A cheeky new book titled The Men's Guide to the Woman's Bathroom flushes out some misconceptions men may have about the seemingly high maintenance and enigmatic female toilet trips by the twos. Last Sunday, while running late to a date, I ran right past the books author Jo Barrett. Serendipitously, we ended up at the same restaurant and had a chance to chat (possibly on a trip to the restroom). Her views on the dreaded H.M. (high maintenance) not surprisingly came straight from the W.C.

Barrett joked, "Men often say women spend too much time in the bathroom and are high maintenance, but what's with all the reading material, guys? We certainly don't use the bathroom long enough to get through an entire Sports section. Now, that's high maintenance!"

Interview with Jo Barrett by WFAA's Gary Cogill

This Is How It Happened - Interview by Whitney Casey on Great Day Houston

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